What to do on Race Day

What should I do and where should I go?
The Race HQ is Mangotsfield School, BS16 9LH. This is where you will collect your Race Number (these will not be posted out) from 8.30am on Race Day. We'll have safety pins so you can attach your number to yourself (although we recommend that you attach it to your clothing not your body) and pens so you can complete the Health & Safety information on the reverse of the number. Note that the race will start at 10.00am so that we can all be done and dusted before the commons and cycle paths get too busy.

        There is parking for around 80 cars at Mangotsfield School          

  • Please try to walk/cycle if you are local to the area.
Other HQ Facilities
Changing Rooms: Aside from the comfort, warmth and space of the school lobby, we have the use of the Boys (Men's) and Girls (Ladies) Changing Rooms. Here there are toilets and showers should you require them.
Bag Storage: We have a bag storage area.
Refreshments: Hot drinks will be available at race HQ
Safety Briefing
One race day certainty is the pre-race safety briefing. This isn't optional, and we know you've heard lots of them before but there are some things specific to Rodway Easy Runner that you need to know. The pre-race safety briefing will take place on the Start line at 9.55am.
First Aid
We will have the support of St John's Ambulance First Aiders on Race Day and they will be based at Race HQ.